FOODCINEMAS is India's first online premium food lifestyle brand ushering in a new way of life by addressing your daily food needs through a wide range of finest food products and authentic fresh food,hence aspiring to become a family's most trusted daily food partner.

What's with the name?

The name FOODCINEMAS is derived from the fact that the company provides a wide range of products and fresh food, showcasing the creativity of different regions. The ethnicity and food diversity of nations are plated out to customers in the comfort of their homes, making their home a virtual "Cinema of Food"
FOODCINEMAS offers multitude of foods, capable of giving its customers the emotional indulgence similar to what they enjoy while watching a movie.


1. What kind of food can I get?

FOODCINEMAS will deliver to your home's the very best of regional Indian as well as international cuisines sealed and packaged in food grade containers that are easy to use and microwaveable.

2. May I know what you will serve tomorrow?

We are delighted to help you out with that. Please go to our website you will find a menu "more". When you click on that you will find a tab "tomorrow's menu". Go ahead and click on that!

3. I'm always worried about the freshness of the fish and meat, will you be able to guarantee its freshness and quality ?

We assure you that all our fresh fish is sourced straight from the harbours and not from vendors. Our fresh meat and poultry are sourced from Halaal certified dealers. That's the FOODCINEMAS guarantee.

4. Other than fresh food what else does food cinema offer?

FOODCINEMAS offers you a wide range of products that will not only help make your job in the kitchen easier but you will also be able to give your children healthy snacking options .We offer products such as Paneer, pickles, snacks and flavoured cashews.

5.How many of us can eat if I order one dish?

Our dishes are per single adult portion sizes unless otherwise mentioned.

6. Other than fresh food what else does FOODCINEMAS offer?

FOODCINEMAS offers you a wide range of products that will not only help make your job in the kitchen easier but you will also be able to give your children healthy snacking options .We offer products such as Paneer, pickles, snacks and flavoured cashews.

7. Does the menu change from area to area?

We have a centralised kitchen that covers a service area of 6kms from the kitchen. Therefore on any particular day the menu remains the same for all areas of service. You can be rest assured of that!


1. What are your delivery timings?

We have started our operation with snacks and dinner. So we will be delivering from 3pm to 10pm.

2.How do you deliver the orders?

Keeping in mind that we have separate vegetarian and non vegetarian facilities from kitchen to home, we will be delivering the vegetarian meal through a dedicated delivery line that will deliver only vegetarian food.

3.Which are the areas FOODCINEMAS service?

To make delivery hassle free, the first question you will be asked on our website is to mention the locality to which you want delivery. Once you key it in , you will get an immediate responses to whether FOODCINEMAS services are available in your area or not.

4.Can I schedule a delivery for later in the day?

Yes you can choose your time for delivery.

5. How long does it take to deliver an item once the order is placed?

Foodcinemas will deliver fresh food within 35-40 minutes. If you have ordered fresh food and products together, that will also be delivered in 35-40 minutes. However if you have ordered only products we request you to allow 2hrs for delivery.

6. Do you also have any outlets from where we can pick up fresh food and products?

We deliver our fresh food in a 6km service area from our kitchen. Products will be delivered anywhere in Bangalore. We do not have any outlets now for our fresh food, however in the near future we will have kiosks from where you can pick up our wide range of food products.

Order Placement

1. Do you take orders on phone?

You can place your orders on online as our website is responsive. However if you are unable to place your order online we would be happy to take your orders through telephone.

2. I didn't receive an SMS about order confirmation/cancellation, should I be worried?

If your order has been accepted by the system, then don't worry even if you don't get an SMS confirming it. You will be able to track your order using the "track your order" menu

3. I am not able to place the order, what should I do?

Even though it is highly unlikely, if you do face this issue please call us and we will be happy to take your orders over the phone.

4. Do you have an app?

At this point of time we do not have an app, however our website is mobile friendly.


1. What are the current payment options?

To make it easy for you to pay we have 3 options:
1. Cash on Delivery
2. Online payment option
3. Card on delivery

2. I tried making an online payment, money got deducted but I didn't receive an order confirmation SMS. Will my order get delivered?

You will definitely get your order delivered, however to ensure that you get your food on time please check the status of your order on "track my order" If you still don't find your order listed there please call up the support line.

For any other queries you can email us: reachus@foodcinemas.com

Call : 9019998899