Company profile

FOODCINEMAS is India's first online premium food lifestyle brand ushering in a new way of life by addressing your daily food needs through a wide range of finest food products, ready to use semi cooked food and authentic fresh food .

With a name like FOODCINEMAS, be rest assured that just like in a multiplex you find cinemas for all ages and season, we will showcase food blockbusters that suit all moods, occasions and tastes.

We believe that it is the quality of food that will endear to the consumer. In the din of the banter about exotic dishes, fancy sounding names and great pictures, food quality is generally compromised. At FOODCINEMAS we have gone through a painstaking process of selecting our basic ingredients, poultry, fruits and vegetables from the most reliable source which ensures that our ingredients are unadulterated. Good quality ingredients naturally make our food tastier.

Cooking sometimes can become stressful and unhealthy snacking options often perplex us as adults who aim to provide the best to our families. FOODCINEMAS was keen to address this pressing concern. This is the thought that drove us to introduce our very unique product line. Unadulterated basic cooking essentials as well as snacking options that are comforting as well as healthy . Our product range includes paneer, pickles and a variety of snacks and nuts.

Another unique feature you will find at FOODCINEMAS is our dedicated vegetarian facilities. We will have a green channel all the way from the kitchen to your home, which means our vegetarian food will be completely isolated from any non vegetarian cooking or food right till it reaches your home.

FOODCINEMAS is the brain child of a group of young professionals who have left their very stable careers to follow their food dreams. Bringing to the table vast experience in the fields of marketing, IT and the food industry, the team is an exciting mix of experience and rawness. The chord that pulled this team together was the want to have food that was not only tasty and comforting but one which you could feed your family with on a regular basis. This was possible only if we could believe what we were eating is not adulterated. Cheap food we knew means cheap ingredients, which will ultimately lead to unhealthy individuals. Thus we set out on our mission... to be your family's Food Partner.

With a complete food life style package; a website that is designed with a minimalistic approach and easy payment options, FOODCINEMAS is definitely going to create "Blockbusters on your Platter!!" So... go ahead and enjoy the cinemas..FOODCINEMAS